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Surrealistic painting

Surrealism is a casket full of feelings and imagination, which everybody opens in their head from time to time. Surrealism is simply a different world compared to the real one, which we are living in. Surrealism represents imaginations of nightmares and unbelievable fantasies depicted by detailed processing ? as if real. It is possible to see various combinations of actions and things on the surrealist pictures ? oil paintings, combinations we would not expect in the real life. I would like to introduce my surrealist pictures ? oil paintings in my gallery, brought from my inner world on canvas by brush. Radozo.

Stone statues, surrealistic paintings-sculptures-2009 and more.

 Dear visitors of this art gallery, friends of surrealism. In the Gallery of images-you can see a new collection of stone sculptures and surreal images, resulting in collaboration with artist-sculptor Volisem. These artworks we invite all fans and collectors art and prove that surrealism is actually an artistic direction with limitless possibilities. The idea to create this surreal art, contribute random encounters. After several debates about surrealism and sochařství we found that our perspective on the arts, is in many ways quite similar and therefore we have decided to create several artistic works together. The result of this cooperation are rare works, and other valuable experience gained during the tvorby. I'll be very glad if you write me feedback on this collection, which I represent here you gradually. RADOZO Technical information stone surrealistic paintings-these images are made of plastic on the sandstone plate thickness of 5 cm. owing to the size 140x90cm and plastics, with the added weight of a stone image around 130 kg. Images are fitted with metal plate 40x4mm for their suspension. It is therefore essential that these works have been dropped on the wall that is of an appropriate material. Some stone images we have therefore created a wooden and metal racks, which is the image position in space.

 Miniature surrealistic images for sale-veh visitors this gallery. If you have interest in thumbnails of my works, you have the option of surreal to order 2 size copies. Thumbnails are smaller in size around 18 x 10 cm in white frame including pasparty price $ 320 per, more about 40x20 cm in white frame price $ 420 per. Depending on the subscription you provide discount, on the basis of the agreement. All copies of the surreal images are accompanied by autograph RADOZO. Orders should be sent to

The surreal sculpture-Siamese Madonna-Siamese Madonna with rozervána těžškým Raffaelovým necks farrowing time 5 eggs-five eggs as five Nations sons and daughters of the mother-Madonny-. childbirth five Nations-several million people in this surreal Madonna spotless on cti. This conception is known as the Immaculate Conception-biblicky Madonny as actual mother of Jesus Christ,. Since Madonna is in my surrealistickém submission and mother 5 eggs-5 Nations, I have to be naturally I Siamese Madonna her son. such childbirth certainly big enough to handle, it ice.Kiev.UA ublížilo. Perhaps for this reason also known as pětibolestná. the title of this work could thus be reduced to-Siamese Madonna with Raffael´s neck, pětibolestná.

Surrealism comp-inlaid wooden sculpture-doleplate osazená surrealistickým cihličkami, the actual scene Madonny presented as Siam's twin. Composition of plastic works, were collected from natural materials to emotic streaming from the image to your vněmům have not been obstructed modern elements and sibióza nature preserve eyesight and 6 the meaning of the senses that is in you how I hope when looking at this novel wakes.RADOZO weight works around 120 kg.

RADOZO-glyptoth? is defeated by world-Radozova cruxifixion art gallery in the world are considered to be one of the most interesting works. View sculptures-compositions trhají since the first days ­ridiculous records in reviews and display. Siamese Madonna with raffael´s neck ... ... ... and other works of art still attract more visitors and artists from around the world.-Note RADOZO-"I'm glad the works represent how my person, but I eskou republiku, both at home and in the world. I think that our artists have in the world biggest attention and this is proof that the so-called Golden Czech hands are still in course. Pity that in our relationships with your presentation is somewhat neglected artists. "

Forced Kiss Muse surreal statue-plastic image on the wall. Kiss Muse means for artists mostly a better theme you think it's time suddenly and when the first idea on this work of art, it is clear that the State considers. Kiss Muse-dotek Muse, is good inspiration itself. Pojetí surrealistickém me musing sprang masterpiece man?half statue and man?half image. Múzu I ultracamp as he decapitated women instrument from which of the viscera of the body, vyteká tap product-story musing in the form of music and music-violin key. However, the main symbol is a sort of empty shapes bushes where balloon shows at the flower. Thus Múzu, ktrá pichází-Kiss artist, when addled alcohol, or other narcotic substance. Kiss Muse is therefore forced to other podmětem. This surreal statue is made of wood and paper from brass, bronze, iron and glass. the weight is approximately 70 kg. The height of 175 cm width of 90 cm.

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