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The surrealist painter Radoslav Novotný, art name Radozo, was born in 1972 in a small Moravian town Šternberk. Under the circumstances in the former communist ČSSR he was changing residences a lot with his parents. He lived in several places of Moravia and at the foothill of Krkonoše, near Vrchlabí. Currently, he lives in Lázně Bělohrad and he is a member of a group of painters called Spolek podkrkonošských malířů in Nová Paka.

Since his early childhood, he liked painting his inner feelings and his own dream world. He wanted to become a painter as his dream world attracted him more than the real one and painting enabled him to be a part of it.  However, his wish finally did not come true and he was trained to become an electro-mechanic at the Training College (SOÚ) in Opatovice nad Labem. At that time, he took a break from painting.

Nevertheless, he was constantly attracted to surrealism and painting of surrealistic pictures. In 1991, during his military service, he underwent a real ordeal when he almost burnt to death by accident. He was fighting for his life for a few weeks in the Military hospital in Plzeň. Though he finally won the fight, he was left with a trauma for the whole life. He was confronted with his destiny again in 1994, when he lost his sight thanks to a steel wire shot into his eye. He was left blind for a few days without any hope for improvement. Thanks to a surgery in the Faculty hospital in Hradec Králové he started to see again, however, he would never be able to use his injured eye fully again.

It took Radozo another ten years of looking for his position in life before he started to paint again in 2004. He was longing and willing to get rid of all the nightmares, apprehensions and bad feelings accompanying his life. All those contribute to his works. Surrealism of Radozo, painted by oil on canvas, arose out of his own suffering, social affairs and inner longings. Surrealism, chosen by Radoso as his art form, means literally Something above reality? for him and thus he creates symbiosis of ideas transferred by brush to canvas.

Favourite painters - surrealists: Wolfgang Lettl, Zdislaw Beksinski, Salvador Dalí, Pavel Surma.

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