surrealistické obrazy - radoslav novotný

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What is surrealism?  

Surrealism is a casket full of feelings and imagination, which everybody opens in their head from time to time. Surrealism is simply a different world compared to the real one, which we are living in. Surrealism represents imaginations of nightmares and unbelievable fantasies depicted by detailed processing – as if real. It is possible to see various combinations of actions and things on the surrealist pictures – oil paintings, combinations we would not expect in the real life. I would like to introduce my surrealist pictures – oil paintings in my gallery, brought from my inner world on canvas by brush. Radozo.

Selected oil paintings: :

The drunk pianist, 80cmx60cm, verkauft eine private Sammlung
The rummy game of destiny 1, 80cmx60cm, not for sale
der Baum des Leben 105x105
die Zwitterbrautwerbung 120x85 for sale
die Transformation der Afrodite Göttin im Telepathischechohall 125x95
Unterwasser 90x90 verkauft eine private Sammlung
Charónova Archa - private collection
wandernder Sänger - Öl auf Leinwand 80 x 100

(c) Radoslav Novotný - umělecké jméno RADOZO