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Salvador Dali versu RADOZO

Salvador Dali versu RADOZO

Many of my famous painters and other artists I often associate with surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. It is true that this extraordinary surrealist became the model for many painters and other artists. I am not an exception and I must say that Salvador Dali's work has always attracted me and woke me in the flow of his own imagination. I would not miss even more my favorite Wolfgang Lettl. These two surrealists is very easily recognizable by the form of image-processing work, and yet we find elements that unite them. So, even with my parts, often associated with Salvador Dalí. Sometimes it's not like, though it was the work of Salvador Dali, from which I often drew from a textbook. I was wondering all strokes, shading and more perfect curve of his art, which so perfectly able to paint. One thing is quite certain. Rundown of the surreal images, at least for me, coming from their own ideas, visions and events around my person. Unfortunately, the artist almost nothing new she could devise. All the themes, ideas and suggestions have someone, somewhere painted or otherwise played. The similarity may therefore in many cases purely coincidental. For example, Salvador Dali's drawers and covering of the housing supporting various other objects and other combinations. The surrealism is the very thorny issue, at least for me. In my imagination I see things like levitating, or supported a kind of crutch, and it's hard to resist the use of such tools in the picture. It's just such objects and surrealism into one. Like the drawers or drawers and more. Is perhaps a drawer in each of us? For all lovers of surrealism, and artists who move in surrealism have little advice. 'Be who you feel can and do influence the views radílků and critics, because as he said, and Salvador Dalí:

 "Painters, do not be afraid of perfection. Never reached it! If you are just average, you can try to paint no matter how completely wrong and people just recognize your mediocrity '

 I would just add to that.

"Artists, važte to yourself and no matter what criticism Create your satisfied. Do not play genius when it really you? Each of you will eventually find someone understanding, someone who will appreciate your work! Neschovávejte their entrails and Do not underestimate. People will eventually see through. "

I know personally a couple of these artists, promoted geniuses who are exceptional only because they have good friends, or relatives. The question is whether they ridicule those who look, dare.


 Surrealists are crazy, crazy, people with schizophrenia?

In general, Surrealism and Surrealist paintings, regarded as the result of the suffering endured. Among the mentioned period of Surrealism is often considered the end of World War II. Experience of horror and despair. But I think that the emergence of Surrealism helped mainly time. People after the war finally felt free and were able příjmout such art.

Moreover stigmatized as suffering with a good imagination at this time to better cope. Surrealist painter, poet, or any other artist could therefore be easily fool or a madman and no one to blame not because other people on how they like.

I do not know how they view other Surrealists, but I think that the surrealists have some of the common - in itself. For myself I can say that my view of the world is for others, sometimes a mystery.

I perceive things around pretty quick, and often I see things a little differently - more alive, their bones are rozebírám.Často then at night I see the various surreal scenes, such as living in reality. It's pretty depressing affair, these visions. It is therefore difficult to say whether it's a great imagination and fantasy, or madness. On the other hand, a man who went through hell like me, in fact probably will never clear. If you have any similar ideas, become the surrealists, it frees you.



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